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Airline Miles and Reward Points Redemption Value Calculator

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Redemption Value Calculator

Redemption Value per Mile/Point: c/p per Mile/Point

This calculator calculates the Redemption Value of your airline miles and reward points.

In the world of airline miles, reward points and hotel loyalty points, redemption values vary massively between redemption opportunities. Accordingly, you can find better redemption value opportunities by being flexible with dates, times, cabins, locations and more variables.

What can this calculator be used for?

This calculator can be used for flight redemptions and hotel stays paid with rewards points.

Forward of the Wing’s Redemption Value Calculator takes into account any co-payment required to be be paid in cash, as well as the number of points or miles required for the redemption.

Furthermore, it is suitable for Airline Frequent Flyer Miles, Credit Card Rewards Points and Hotel Loyalty Points. It works in any currency, including USD and GBP.

Use this calculator to compare the redemption value of different flight rewards or hotel stay options. Find the best redemption value opportunities for you, and maximize the savings.


For more information about Redemption Value, check out my article here for everything you need to know.

Any questions about our calculator, please email me at [email protected].

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