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Flight Review: LATAM Business Class, Sydney to Auckland, 787


Today I am flying from Sydney to Auckland in LATAM Business Class onboard their 787-8. What’s special about this fifth-freedom route is that after a 2h05m stop in Auckland, the flight continues onto Santiago, Chile; a further 11 hour flight. This means LATAM uses their 787-9 aircraft on this short-haul, 3 hour long flight.

This is my first time flying LATAM, so was looking forward to this flight. I may end up travelling through South America in 2024, so this was a great taster in advance to see if I should fly LATAM, or choose alternative airlines across the vast continent.

LATAM do operate both 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft on this route, with slightly different business cabins. Below is my flight review of LATAM Business Class onboard their 787-8 Dreamliner.

LATAM Premium Access Check in Line

Priority Check In

There were three check in lines for all passengers, as LATAM only operates this one 787 Dreamliner flight from Sydney each day. There is a “premium access” check in line for Business Class passengers, LATAM Pass Gold and above elite status holders. Another check in line for all other passengers in Economy. And lastly, a separate “Special Assistance” check in line too.

As there is only one daily flight, all three check in lines moved quickly and there were plenty of check in staff on hand.

Sydney Airport Departure Sign, SYD

Priority Security and Immigration

Sydney Airport has an Express Path for immigration and security, accessible only to First and Business Class passengers. Frequent fliers are ineligible to use the Express Path. The Express Path covers both airport security and a dedicated e-gate line for immigration clearance. The line moved swiftly, and was much quicker than the normal lines at 9am in the morning, when there were several upcoming international flights taking off in quick succession.

Qantas First and Business Lounge, Sydney Airport

Qantas International Business Lounge at Sydney Airport

LATAM have a long-standing partnership with Qantas, dating back to when LATAM was in the oneworld alliance. LATAM doesn’t operate their own Sydney lounge since there is only one flight per day. Instead, LATAM Business Class and LATAM Pass frequent fliers are invited to visit the Qantas International Business Lounge at Sydney Airport.

I will link my separate review of the Qantas International Business Lounge at Sydney Airport here, so I can cover everything in-depth.

Priority Boarding

LATAM seems to operate their daily flight from a bus gate at Sydney Airport. Unfortunately, this meant the flight was showing final call whilst I was still in the lounge. 40 minutes before scheduled departure.

So just make sure to get to the boarding gate early. They seemed to started boarding (and tried to wrap up boarding) before the ticket printed boarding time. Unfortunately there was also no Qantas Lounge announcement for this LATAM flight either.

There was a priority boarding lane for LATAM Pass elite status holders and Business Class passengers at the gate. However as this flight departed from a bus gate, it just meant that all passengers got on the same bus, earlier.

LATAM Business Class

LATAM 787-8 Business Class Cabin Layout

The LATAM 787-8 Business Class Cabin Layout is really interesting. The cabin is really spacious, with low dividers between the front and rear business class cabin helping to divide up the space. It felt very luxurious and spread out. Not crammed at all even though LATAM Business Class has a 2-2-2 configuration on the 787-8.

Because of the 2-2-2 layout, it does mean passengers in window seats do need to step over their seatmates in the aisle seat if they are in a reclined position. However, the seat had plenty of legroom between the center console and the seatback in front, so this was super easy, unlike some other airlines with a 2-2-2 business class configuration.

My seat on this flight is 2A. This is a window seat forward left of the entrance door. My favourite part of this cabin layout is that there are three large 787 windows in the window seats. Guaranteed great views throughout your flight. On this flight, I was treated to fantastic views of Botany Bay after takeoff, and the West Coast beaches of New Zealand, Rangitoto and the Auckland CBD on final approach. The 787 Dreamliner is well known for it’s electrochromatic windows. However on this particular flight, something was malfunctioning, and seat 1A, all of the front right side of the Business Class cabin and 4A had permanently darkened windows for the entirety of the flight. This obviously annoyed passengers in these seats. And the entire Business Class cabin was full on today’s flight, so there was no chance of moving. Luckily, my seat was fine.

LATAM 787 Business Class Seat
LATAM 787 Business Class Seat

LATAM Business Class Seat

The 787-8 LATAM Business Class seat was surprisingly comfortable. Wide at both shoulder height and at your feet, with plenty of legroom and really well padded. A lot of airlines these days are moving to direct aisle access seats, such as the reverse herringbone configuration found in British Airways Club Suites and Cathay Pacific Business Class. Unfortunately, the foot well of these types of seats tends to be very narrow and can be uncomfortable for tall fliers. The LATAM Business Class seat is the same width the full length of the seat, so I found it noticeably wider, more spacious and it also felt longer that newer direct aisle seats. The legroom is great, so in the event a passenger in a window seat needs to climb over your fully reclined neighbour, it’s fairly easy.

The ottoman at the end of the seat features a hollow cubby hole below to store the bedding provided for take off and landing, as well as your shoes. It’s great to see bedding is provided on a 3-hour flight, contrary to Air New Zealand Business Premier on the same trans-tasman route.

The centre console between the two seats features a privacy divider, a small flat area for holding drinks or storing your phone, and a universal power outlet below. The tray table also slides out and up from the side of the centre console. There is also a flexible reading light next to your headrest, which would come in handy when this flight crosses the Pacific Ocean to Santiago.

In all, the LATAM Business Class seat feels spacious, wide, and is well padded and comfortable. I would have no hesitations flying LATAM Business Class on the 11 hour flight to Santiago from Auckland or vice versa.

LATAM Business Class Welcome Service

Welcomed onboard and shown to my seat by the lovely friendly crew, printed menus were handed out around the cabin for today’s flight. No welcome drink is offered, however the bar service starts just after takeoff.

Hot towels were offered after takeoff, before the food and beverage service.

LATAM Business Class Menu

LATAM Business Class Food

Today’s LATAM Business Class Menu on this flight from Sydney to Auckland looked fine. A three-course lunch was served in Business Class on this short 3 hour LATAM flight.

Here was the regular Business Class menu on today’s flight:


  • Prosciutto with Bocconcini and Basil, served with a fresh leaf salad


  • Grilled Tenderloin with Bacon Gravy, Roasted Root Vegetables and Grilled Zucchinis
  • Parpadelle with Tomato Sauce, Spinach, Ricotta and Grilled Artichokes


  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit
  • Chocolate Mousse with Orange-Hazlenut Compote

I had ordered a special VGML (Vegetarian Vegan) meal in advance on this LATAM flight. To my surprise, I was served the very same meal I have previously had in Air New Zealand Premium Economy and Business Premier minus the Appetizer. Both Air New Zealand cabin classes share the same special meals and regular meals are also very similar. No idea where the Appetizer went for my special meal. These special meals are catered out of Auckland. It’s great to see a very high standard of food on LATAM.

LATAM Business Class VGML Meal

My LATAM Business Class VGML special meal consisted of:


  • Ratatouille and Polenta, with wilted Spinach


  • Passionfruit Cake with a Mango Coulis

As I’ve flown trans-Tasman Premium Economy and Business Premier many, many times over the years with Air New Zealand, these courses haven’t changed, surprisingly. Yes, it would be nice to have some variety, but this meal is great, so I really don’t mind. The Ratatouille and Polenta is delicious, and the Passionfruit Cake is truly dreamy. In fact, on a flight earlier this year from Auckland to Bali in Air New Zealand Premium Economy, the dessert offering for both the Lunch and Dinner meal services was this same Passionfruit Cake. Unoriginal yes, but I certainly wasn’t complaining that I got two servings of this great dessert.

LATAM 787 Business Class
LATAM Business Class Wine Menu

LATAM Business Class Bar Selection

I had no real expectations going into this flight. I was very pleased to see Champagne on the menu, as well as four top Chilean wines, a selection of beers and spirits. Here is the beer, wine and spirits selection in LATAM Business Class on today’s flight:

  • Vollereaux Brut Reserve Champagne, France
  • Ventisquero Pangea Syrah 2018, Colchagua Valley, Chile (a very good wine)
  • Santa Carolina Carolina Assemblage 2019, Maule Valley, Chile
  • Viu Manent Gran Reserva Chardonnay 2022, Colchagua Valley, Chile
  • Casas Del Bosque Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Casablanca Valley, Chile
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Chivas Regal 12 years Whisky
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • A selection of Beers

In addition, the following non-alcoholic options were also available:

  • Orange Juice
  • Light Fruits Juice (it was a Forest Fruits Juice on our flight)
  • Mineral Water and Sparkling Water
  • Tonic Water
  • Soft Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Twinings Teas

In all, the beverage selection was decent, and more than I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting champagne to be on offer on this flight, nor two white and two red wines. The champagne was very drinkable too. In all, the wines were of very good quality, and showcasing some of Chile’s best. Plenty of non-alcoholic drink options too which is great to see.

LATAM In-flight Entertainment

LATAM In-flight Entertainment

LATAM Business Class seats on the 787-8 feature a 15.4” in-flight entertainment touchscreen, with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, games and a flight map. The entertainment system is okay, but didn’t have a selection of super new release movies (like you can find on Cathay Pacific). There were lots of foreign language films available which is great to see. The flight moving map was very basic in comparison to other airlines. The LATAM in-flight entertainment system is fine. But I would recommend having a few movies downloaded to your phone, iPad or laptop, just in case nothing takes your interest.

There is also an in-flight entertainment remote next the the seat, within the centre console. Very handy since this seat has a lot of legroom, so it can be difficult to sit up to use the touchscreen, in both the seated and reclined position.

LATAM 787 Business Class

LATAM Business Class In-flight Amenities

LATAM provides Business Class passengers on flights over 3 hours with amenity kits, according to their website. Unfortunately the Sydney to Auckland flight is right on the cusp of this, so no amenity kits were handed out on this flight.

Amenities provided on this flight included a pair of passive noise cancelling headphones and a bedding kit, including a thick, quilted duvet and plump pillow. Much more comfortable that many other airlines’ business class bedding, including British Airways. For the bedding alone, I would not hesitate to fly LATAM Business Class again on a long-haul flight.

Does LATAM have Wi-Fi onboard?

No, unfortunately LATAM does not offer Wi-Fi onboard this 787-8, from Sydney to Auckland.

LATAM has started rolling out Wi-Fi on selected domestic routes in South America (within Columbia and Brazil only), but does not provide this service on international flights currently.

LATAM 787-8 Economy

I did also try out LATAM Economy on the 787-8. There is plenty of legroom (31″ pitch but feels bigger) and a good amount of recline. The seat is well padded and comfortable. I would happily fly LATAM Economy to South America in the future too.

West Coast, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand


I went into this flight with no expectations, and was very pleasantly surprised by how great it was. LATAM 787-8 Business Class is a great product. With a very comfortable and wide seat, friendly crew, a very good food and beverage offering and plump bedding, I would not hesitate to fly LATAM Business Class again. Either again on this trans-Tasman route, or further afield to South America.

Having flown trans-Tasman many times before, I usually fly with Air New Zealand in Premium Economy or Business Premier. This was a nice change at a better price, and I will absolutely consider flying LATAM Business Class in the future.