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Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific, The Deck Business Class Lounge, Hong Kong Airport

Cathay Pacific The Deck entrance at Hong Kong International Airport

The Cathay Pacific The Deck, Business Class Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport is an airport lounge of beauty. Larger than The Wing, Business but smaller than The Pier, Business, this airport lounge makes for a perfect rest and relaxation space if your departing flight is from Gates 5 to 9. Opened in 2018, The Deck is the newest of the three Cathay Pacific airport lounges at Hong Kong International Airport.

There is plenty here for all types of travellers, travelling for any and all purposes. Perfect for families, leisure travellers, couples, solo and business travellers.

There is no additional first class section at this lounge unlike The Wing and The Pier, but it is still a decadent space with lots of little extras to discover, that help to make your journey a luxurious, special and memorable one.

The Deck, Hong Kong International Airport

Entrance: Where is the Cathay Pacific The Deck Airport Lounge?

So where is The Deck?

The entrance to The Deck is up the escalators near Gate 6. 

The Deck backs onto the Qantas Lounge, which has a secret exit onto the entrance of lounge. However, the entrance to the Qantas Lounge is on the departures area straight after security. If you have oneworld elite status or are flying oneworld Business Class or First Class from Hong Kong, I would recommend visiting the Qantas Lounge first, then The Deck for a mini-lounge hop.

If you are departing from Gates 5-9, and are doing a lounge hop, I recommend The Deck be your last airport lounge that you visit before boarding.

Cathay Pacific The Deck, Hong Kong International Airport
Noodle Bar at The Deck, Hong Kong
Low tables on the terrace at Cathay Pacific The Deck, Hong Kong International Airport
My no-longer secret nook at The Deck

Seating Options

There are plenty of seating options at The Deck for all types of travellers including both business and leisure travellers, families, solo travellers, couples and groups. In the main area, there are lots of armchairs and co. There are bar stools at the Noodle Bar, and the area next to it has the Cathay signature Noodle Bar dining booths. Overlooking the apron, there are dining tables perfect for groups, colleagues and families. There are also double seat options on the terrace with low tables, suitable for solo travellers and couples. This lounge is terrace-heavy, which is great for taking advantage of the stellar views and natural light. In total, The Deck can accommodate up to 180 passengers at a time.

There is also a mini-relaxation room, similar to The Pier, Business, located by the Bathrooms and Showers. Great for a quick power nap.

My personal favourite place to sit is the super secret notch overlooking Gates 7 and 8 on the outdoor terrace. I have never seen people sit in on my multiple visits to this fantastic airport lounge. Which is great. Super private, great views, and quiet. A little oasis in this vast airport. I’m not gatekeeping any longer.

Hong Kong International Airport
The Deck, Hong Kong International Airport

Views from The Deck

The Deck overlooks Gates 7, 8 and 9. As it is located on the mezzanine level, The Deck has tons of natural light and fantastic views of arriving and departing aircraft from these three gates. As this is located down one pier at the South side of the Hong Kong International Airport, the view will improve further with more aircraft movements when Terminal 2 reopens after renovations in 2024. After construction is completed, The Deck should once again have views of the Northern Runway, used for arriving aircraft into Hong Kong.

Hot Buffet Food at Cathay Pacific The Deck, Hong Kong
Cold Buffet at The Deck

Food Options at the Cathay Pacific, The Deck Airport Lounge

The Deck has a fairly concise buffet with several hot options, changing throughout the day, as well as cold options too. The buffet had the same food buffet as The Wing, Business, located on the opposite pier. On my most recent visit, food options at The Deck included:

  • Chicken meatballs with tomato and basil passata
  • Haricot Beans
  • Baked Potato with Garlic and Cream
  • Farfalle with green peas, zucchini and garlic
  • Wild Mushroom soup
  • Egg mayonnaise sandwiches
  • Gruyere, ham and mustard sandwiches in a ciabatta roll
  • Cheese Platter and Charcuterie Board
  • Cauliflower Rice with Chickpeas, Pickled Red Onions and Citrus Dressing
  • Green Leaf Salad
  • German Potato Salad with Bacon
  • Green Papaya Slaw

There were also a choice of two dessert options in the drinks fridge next to the bar. On my most recent visit to The Deck, these options were Banana Cheesecake or Creamed Rice with Nutmeg.

The Noodle Bar

Cathay Pacific The Deck The Noodle Bar Hong Kong
Mixed Vegetable Dumplings
My favourite, the Mixed Vegetable Dumplings.
Noodle Bar Menu at Cathay Pacific The Deck at Hong Kong Airport

The signature experience of all Cathay Pacific airport lounges globally is The Noodle Bar. A showcase of the best Cantonese dim sum, noodles and other regional specialities, that is the highlight of Cathay Pacific airport lounges for many frequent flyers. All of the Cathay Pacific Lounges tend to have a slightly different Noodle Bar menu, and The Deck is no exception. The menu also does change throughout the day, with a more extensive menu served from lunchtime onwards. On my most recent visit, the menu consisted of:

  • Chicken Bun
  • Steamed Mantou
  • Red Bean Bao
  • Pork and Shrimp Sui Mai
  • Vegetable Dumplings
  • Wonton Noodles with prawn and pork dumplings, egg noodles and chicken broth
  • Dan Dan Noodles (Cathay Pacific signature)
  • Vegetable Tom Yum
  • Flat Noodles with Fish Balls
  • Pork and red carrot soup with gassho melon
  • Bok Choy with soy sauce

The Deck has one of the larger Noodle Bar menus across the three Cathay Pacific Lounges at Hong Kong International Airport. The Wing, Business has a reduced menu, and The Pier, Business has less options but they do also have BBQ Pork (and accompaniments) at certain times during the day in addition to their Noodle Bar menu. Enough reason to pop into The Deck for a visit.

For me, when I am transiting in Hong Kong, the Vegetable Dumplings, with a glass of champagne is the perfect luxurious and special breakfast, lunch or dinner that you can ever have between flights. The Dan Dan Noodles (if you eat pork) are also world renowned as some of the best made-to-order airport lounge food you will find anywhere in the world. So try the entire menu at The Noodle Bar. You will not regret it.

Wine Selection at Cathay Pacific The Deck Hong Kong
Soft Drink Fridge

The Deck, Business Bar Selection

The Deck, Business has several self-service fridges located around the lounge, close to the Buffet and The Noodle Bar. They feature a range of wines, champagne, beer and soft drinks to appease all appetites. The beer and wine options are the same as available in The Wing, Business and The Pier, Business. Besides the spirits available on the DIY cocktail cart, there are no other spirits available at this lounge. Some highlights include:

  • Thiénot Brut NV Champagne
  • Hong Kong Amber Ale
  • Betsy Beer
  • Asahi Super Dry Beer
  • Carlsberg Beer
  • Tsingtao Beer
  • Albert Bichot Viré-Clessé, Burgundy, France 2017
  • Babich Black Label Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 2022
  • Albarino Pazo Pondal Leira, Rias Baixas, Spain 2016
  • Château Dauzac, D De Dauzac, Grand Vin De, Bordeaux, France 2016
  • Baddaginnie Run Shiraz, Victoria, Australia 2021
  • Castle Rock Winery, Mendocino County Pinot Noir, California, USA 2018
Bar cart at Cathay Pacific The Deck
Infused Water Station, The Deck, Hong Kong

There is no bar and bartender at The Deck, and there are no spirits available except this great little self-service bar cart with DIY cocktail recipes for Negronis, Campari Soda and a non-alcoholic Orange Soda option. There was also Smirnoff Vodka available, a range of soft drinks, ice and bar snacks (olives and mixed nuts).

You can make your own DIY cocktail, with all the spirits, garnishes, and cocktail equipment required. The bar cart is tucked away on the terrace area in the very corner of The Deck, so it is fairly hidden unless you go looking for it. There is also an infused water station out on the terrace with a choice of two infused waters.

Cathay Pacific The Deck Showers Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific The Deck Showers Hong Kong

Showers at The Deck

The Showers at the Deck are a luxurious experience only rivalled by The Pier, Business. In Cathay’s signature, gold tapware, marble and Bamford toiletries feature through. In my mind, there is nothing more uplifting than getting off a long-haul flight and having a shower with the eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint scent of Bamford shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to really wake you up in a completely different time zone.

At The Deck, the shower suites are cleaned between uses, with toiletries and fresh fluffy towels restocked. Toiletries offered include a shaving kit, vanity kit, shower cap, Bamford face cleanser, Bamford Face Mist, as well as Bamford shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion.

Note that The Wing, Business does not have showers. So if you are in need of a shower before your next flight and are down this end of the terminal, make sure to visit The Deck. In my experience, it’s also easier to get a shower here (I’ve never had to wait) than The Pier, Business, which for my last evening flight (during the evening peak), had an hour-long wait.

Cathay Pacific The Deck at Hong Kong International Airport

Entry Requirements: How to access Cathay Pacific, The Deck Business Class Airport Lounge

Cathay Pacific has a fairly concise list of travellers eligible to access The Wing, Business Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport. This list includes:

Travellers who receive a complimentary upgrade to Business Class with Cathay Pacific are ineligible for lounge access, unless they hold oneworld Sapphire or oneworld Emerald elite status.

Cathay Pacific The Deck at Hong Kong International Airport


Whilst this is one of the most compact oneworld and Cathay Pacific Airport Lounge options, The Deck is one of my favourite pitstops on a lounge hop at Hong Kong International Airport. It’s a lovely space, perfect for relaxing before your flight, with great tarmac views, great food, and fantastic showers. In my opinion, it’s the leisure traveller equivalent of The Wing, Business. Whilst it can get busy, there is always quiet spots to sit in this lounge, such as my no-longer secret nook with apron views. If a limited alcohol selection is an issue for you, it would be better to visit The Wing, Business or The Pier, Business instead.

If you have oneworld elite status or are flying oneworld Business or First Class, you absolutely should visit here after the Qantas Lounge (which you also have access to) as the secret exit door opens onto the entrance of The Deck.

Whilst I would still recommend visiting The Pier, Business if you have time, if your flight is departing from gates 5-9, or the Satellite Terminal (gates 13-21), The Deck makes for a perfect last airport lounge before you head to your boarding gate.