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Lounge Review: Qantas International Lounge, Hong Kong Airport

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Entrance

Reopened post-pandemic in 2023 with a brand-new facelift, the Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong Airport is one stunning oneworld airport lounge. An extensive open-air space for up to 290 guests, this is one airport lounge you don’t want to skip.

In fact, I would put the Qantas Lounge as my number two at Hong Kong International Airport, after the fantastic The Pier, Business.

Fantastic food, incredible service and hospitality, a showcase of Australian wine and spirits, panoramic apron views and floods of natural light await lucky visitors to this truly spectacular airport lounge.

Hong Kong Airport Directions Sign
Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Location

Where is the Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport?

The Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport is actually quite difficult to find. I have visited twice, and actually got lost on both occasions. The entrance to this lounge is on Departures Level 7, right after security. As soon as you pass through security and immigration, turn right, past the food court and keep walking on the same level. The entrance is down a long indescript pale blue corridor.

If you are transiting at Hong Kong International Airport, once on the departures level (after clearing transit security), you will need to go up the escalators to the food court near Gates 5 and 10. There are duty free shops around this area, so if you see these, find any escalator going up. Turn left, and go right down the end to find the indescript pale blue corridor.

If you find yourself lost near Gate 5, you can also take the elevator up one floor.

The Qantas Lounge is “hidden in plain sight” above Gates 5 and 6 on the mezzanine level.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Entrance

Check in and Entrance: Qantas Lounge, Hong Kong

When you arrive at the Qantas Lounge, you are greeted by friendly staff who check your boarding pass, and welcome you to the lounge. I was also informed that Qantas do not make boarding announcements for non-Qantas operated flights, so bare that in mind if you are flying with one of the oneworld partner airlines. Today, I am flying Cathay Pacific Business Class, so get access to the Qantas Lounge and the three other Cathay Lounges at Hong KongThe Deck, The Pier, Business and The Wing, Business.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong
Qantas Lounge Hong Kong
Qantas Lounge Hong Kong
Qantas Lounge Hong Kong
Qantas Lounge Hong Kong
Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

Seating Options

The Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport is an elongated, open-air space on the mezzanine level, with seating zones created for all types of travellers, including business and leisure travellers, families, couples, solo travellers, friends, and colleagues. Truely, for groups of all sizes and for all occasions.

As Qantas currently operates two daily evening flights, one from Hong Kong to Sydney and one from Hong Kong to Melbourne, the lounge is designed to provide for evening travellers, rather than morning.

Upon walking into the lounge, past the entrance, you are greeted by a long bar, with bar stools and place settings for dining. Beyond that, a small area of dining tables and tables with banquette seating, and coffee table books. Then, the main dining space consists of a mix of large communal tables (including a giant circular table with a brass lazy susan, in a nod to Cantonese Dim Sum culture), and two person dining tables for couples. Further along the lounge, there are plenty of single armchair and couch options for relaxing, including a zone with a giant television that seems to always be showing Rugby or AFL.

In all, the Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport has something for everyone, whether you are working away, coming for a meal, relaxing before your flight or keeping the kids entertained.

Seating with Skybridge
Seating with Runway Views
Runway View of Skybridge, Hong Kong International Airport

Runway Views

As the Qantas Lounge is on the mezzanine level, visitors enjoy sweeping panoramic views across the apron of arriving and departing aircraft throughout this incredible airport lounge. There is also fantastic views of the Sky Bridge, the stunning connecting passageway between the main terminal and Satellite Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport. As the lounge is enlongated, there truly isn’t a bad seat in the house.

In my opinion, the best views here are by day, so if you are an avid plane spotter, try book a day or early evening oneworld flight, and get to the airport early if your airline allows early check in. Alternatively, a long stopover with a oneworld airline would give you plenty of time to plane spot.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Buffet

Buffet and á la carté Food Options

I found the Qantas food phenomenal. Plenty of options for all tastes and dietary preferences here, including the extensive buffet, as well as á la carte options in the dining room, served at the grand circular table, and the infamous Dim Sum Cart. One of the staff members told me they update the menu monthly, so if you frequently travel through Hong Kong International Airport, you can expect a whole new range of food options every month you visit.

Hot Buffet
Salad Selection
Dessert Selection


Opposite the main dining area is the large buffet area, with multiple hot options that change throughout the day, a salad bar, cheese and cold cut platters, and dessert options. On my most recent visit in 2024, buffet options included:

  • Butter Chicken with steamed basmati rice, mint and yogurt raita
  • Stir fried carrots and french beans with toasted almonds
  • Roasted beetroot fusilli with feta and rocket
  • Vegan Imitation shark fin soup with carrots, fungus, enoki and shiitake mushrooms
  • Chicken Caesar salad with lardon, crispy parmesan and croutons
  • Deep fried tofu, egg, french beans, roasted potatoes, olives and shallots salad with a preserved lemon vinaigrette
  • Edamame and chargrilled corn soba noodle salad with a sesame ginger dressing
  • American Coleslaw
  • Caramel Cheesecake
  • Mango Sago Pudding
  • Chocolate Brownie

What’s great to see is that the Qantas Lounge has plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options on the Buffet menu as well as nut free options too. All of these dietary restrictions/allergens are identified on the menu above the buffet, which is super handy. A staff member was also on hand to confirm which dishes were suitable for different dietary requirements. A great example of the Qantas Lounge staff going above and beyond with their service.

UPDATE: On my most recent visit in 2024, Qantas had vegetarian options with egg and dairy labelled as plant-based. They historically have been really good with allergens but it seems their standards have slipped. Be aware if you are vegan, dairy-free or have any other intolerances or allergies.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong A La Carte Menu
The á la carté menu at the Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong.

Á la carté

Served at the large circular communal table with the brass lazy susan in the middle, there are menus with á la carté options called the “Plate of the Day”. As soon as I sat down, a staff member came over and asked if I would like to order anything from the menu. On today’s menu, options included:

  • Fish ball rice noodle soup and seaweed
  • Thai pork neck with rice and green chili dipping sauce
  • House made BBQ Pork with steamed rice, smashed cucumber salad, cabbage and radish pickles (a Qantas Lounge Hong Kong signature)
  • Selection of cheese and accompaniments

No vegan options sadly, but a nice little á la carté selection suitable for most travellers nevertheless. Most business class lounges do not have á la carté options so this is great to see.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Dim sum cart

Dim Sum Cart

The infamous Qantas dim sum cart at their Hong Kong Lounge is a historic highlight of this lounge that regular Qantas flyers to Hong Kong rave about. It’s simple. A cart with two daily options is pushed around the lounge by a staff member, delivering delicious morsels of local specialities to all visitors in the lounge. I was told by the staff member that the Dim Sum cart is pushed around every 30 minutes before 5pm. Enough reason to get to this lounge early if you can. Whilst there were no vegetarian or vegan options, you can find vegan dumplings at the nearby Cathay Pacific The Deck lounge.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Bar
Espresso Machine
Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Drinks Menu 2024
Self-serve Wine Bar
The self-service wine bar in the Buffet Area
Qantas Lounge Quench Bar
The self-service bar and Quench station near the end of the lounge.

Qantas Hong Kong Lounge Bar

As soon as you enter this fantastic lounge, you are greeted with an impressive long bar, with an extensive spirits, friendly bartender, and an extensive menu of beer, Australian (and International) wines, spirits, cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks. There is also an espresso machine for barista flat white or two before your flight. The Hong Kong Qantas Lounge bar menu include:


  • Chi Chi – rum, pineapple, vanilla and lime
  • Sour Plum Paloma – sour plum tequila, agave syrup, lime, grapefruit soda and salt
  • Lychee Rose 75 – rose infused vodka, pink moscato, reisling, lychee and soda
  • Apple Elixir – gin, apple shrub, cinnamon syrup, lemon, soda and sparkling wine
  • Grape Vine – red grapes, gin, Campari, lemon
  • Passionfruit Mojito – white rum, passionfruit, lime, mint, soda


  • Coconut Dream – coconut milk, pineapple juice, vanilla syrup, lime juice, soda and mint
  • Thyme Mango Tea – mango puree, lavender thyme syrup, earl grey tea, grapefruit
  • Watermelon Cooler – watermelon juice, lychee syrup, lime, soda, mint
  • Apple Cinammon Punch – apple shrub, lemon, cinnamon syrup, soda water
  • Virgin Passionfruit Mojito – passionfruit syrup, passionfruit, lime, mint, soda


  • Tsingtao Beer
  • Asahi
  • Singha
  • Stone and Wood Pacific Ale
  • Coopers Pale Ale
  • Heaps Normal Quiet XPA (Non-alcoholic)


  • Counterpoint Brut NV, South Australia (sparkling option)
  • Rumours Pinot Grigio, New South Wales
  • Peter Lehmann Portrait Riesling, South Australia
  • Kalamanda Cellar Select Sauvignon Blanc, South Australia
  • Calabria Family Guiding Star Chardonnay, New South Wales
  • Rumours Pink Moscato, New South Wales
  • Sileni Cellar Selection Pinot Noir, New Zealand
  • Logan Apple Tree Flat Merlot, New South Wales
  • Peter Lehmann Portait Cabernet Savignon, Barossa Valley
  • Yalumba “Y” Series Shiraz, South Australia

In summary, a fairly extensive beer, wine and spirits lounge menu with a great cocktail and mocktail list to boot.

Bar snacks also available at the Bar. The Bar features place settings for dining if you want to grab some food from the buffet, or order from the á la carte menu. Just ask the friendly bartender.

As the bar is near the entrance to the lounge, and the lounge is so elongated, there are self-service bars located throughout. There is one in the buffet area around the midpoint of the lounge, staff also have wines in an ice bucket in the dining area to top up guests’ drinks, and there is another self-service bar station with “Quench” infused water towards the end of the lounge. Plenty of self-service beverage options without needing to walk from one end of the lounge to the other.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Shower Suites


The Hong Kong Qantas Lounge features gorgeous, clean and modern shower suites with rain showers, and toiletries from Li’Tya. Decked in white tile, they are a perfect place for a refreshing shower before a connecting flight, or after a long sweaty day in the Hong Kong humidity (since the daily Qantas Hong Kong flights depart in the evening).

In my opinion, the Cathay Pacific lounge showers are better, and feature Bamford toiletries with lots of extra amenities available, so if you are down this end of the airport, and have access to this lounge through flying Qantas or oneworld in Business or First Class, or have Qantas or oneworld elite status, I would suggest heading to the Cathay Pacific The Deck right next door (through the secret exit door) for a shower. If you are intending to also visit The Pier, Business, on the other side of Hong Kong International Airport, I would recommend having a shower there. Do note, that during the morning peak and evening peak, shower wait times at The Pier, Business can exceed an hour. If you are wanting an urgent shower with no waiting, best to head to The Deck.

Kids Play Area

Kids Area

Down the very end of the lounge is a kids play area, with toys for young kids, a television with cartoons, and great apron views and seating for parents. I appreciate that the kids area is right down the end of the lounge. Thus ensuring noise does not disturb other passengers in the lounge.


For me, the thing that sets the Qantas Lounge in Hong Kong (and the same with the Qantas Lounge in London) apart from the rest is the incredible service from the staff. They’re friendly, chatty, and genuinely interested in making your day better and travel smoother.

A staff member was stationed near the buffet, who asked if I had any dietary restrictions, and walked me through all the different suitable options I could eat at the buffet, and made some “must-try” recommendations.

Additionally, there are staff constantly coming around clearing plates, with more staff coming around topping up wine glasses, and taking orders for drinks orders from the bar, including coffee and tea. As soon as I sat down in the main dining area, I was asked if I wanted to order anything from the á la carte menu, including the specials of the day. The dim sum cart is pushed around to all guests every half hour before 5pm. Just super great attentive service, far better than most airport lounges in the world.

Another example of the exemplary service – I was chatting to a staff member near the bar about the lounge, who told me about the secret exit door and offered to show me to it when I was ready to leave the Qantas Lounge. She walked me from one end of the lounge to the other, and said goodbye with a wave. Top service from Qantas.

2024 Update: I recently passed through the Qantas Lounge and a staff member remembered me from my last visit in October 2023. Thoughtful touches like this really set this lounge apart, and make me want to pass through Hong Kong Airport more often.

It’s a shame this incredible service hasn’t transcended to the Australia Qantas Lounges, although hopefully this will change with the upcoming renovations to the Sydney and Melbourne lounges.

The “secret exit” is now signposted as of 2024.

Insider Tip: Hong Kong Qantas Lounge Secret Exit

Right down the end of the Qantas Lounge, is a secret exit door.

When you are ready to leave the lounge, follow the new sign as the door opens onto the entrance to the Cathay Pacific The Deck lounge, and the escalators down to Gate 7. This is especially handy if your flight is departing from Gates 5 to 9, as you are right there at your boarding gate.

If you are oneworld lounge hopping, visit the Qantas Lounge first, then head through the secret door to The Deck, for more dim sum, the Noodle Bar, champagne, better showers and the (mini) relaxation room.

Gin and Tonic

How to Access the Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong Airport

Access to the Qantas Lounge is strictly for the following passengers departing from Hong Kong International Airport:

  • Qantas First Class passengers
  • Qantas Business Class passengers
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold (+ 1 guest)
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum (+ 1 guest)
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum One (+ 1 guest)
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer Chairman’s Club
  • Qantas Club member (with a Qantas or Emirates flight number)
  • Qantas Club Annual Guest Card
  • Oneworld First Class passengers
  • Oneworld Business Class passengers
  • Oneworld Sapphire elite status holders
  • Oneworld Emerald elite status holders
  • Emirates Platinum Skywards elite status holders (flying Qantas or Emirates)
  • Emirates Gold Skywards elite status holders (flying Qantas or Emirates)
  • Qantas Complimentary Lounge Pass holder

Qantas Frequent Flyers above, oneworld Sapphire and Emerald, Qantas and oneworld Business and First Class passengers also have access to the three fantastic Cathay Pacific lounges (The Pier, The Wing and The Deck) at Hong Kong International Airport. A perfect excuse for a lounge hop. Check my other article here on the earliest check in times for your airline at Hong Kong International Airport, to make the most of these exclusive oneworld airport lounges. Additionally, the in-town check in facility at Hong Kong Station also lets you check in early, for passengers flying Cathay Pacific only.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong


The Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport is one of the best airport lounges here, and indeed, in the world. In my opinion, I think the Cathay Pacific The Pier, Business is the best oneworld Sapphire level airport lounge at Hong Kong International Airport, followed by the Qantas Lounge in a very close second.

For me, it’s the incredibly friendly service that really stands out about this lounge. The lounge staff are truly fantastic. They’re conversational and genuinely want to help make your travel journey smoother and more enjoyable. And also, the food and beverage offering here is incredible too, and rotates monthly. Especially handy if you fly through Hong Kong regularly.

Currently open from 7:30am until 11pm, if you have a oneworld, Qantas or Emirates flight departing from Hong Kong, make sure to stop by the Qantas Lounge.

Check the up-to-date opening hours for the Hong Kong Qantas Lounge on the Qantas website here.